Try 30 mins for $30

95% of all our service is now done this way. Quick, less time and money.

We can connect even if you cannot Surf/Browse the internet.

Think it might be a quick fix?

Resolving Applications, Programs, and Performance issues is what we do.  We can remotely service your computer as if we were sitting in front of it.  Your welcome to converse, interact and learn as we resolve your issues.  We are right here in Kannapolis, North Carolina doing our best to provide friendly, transparent, accountable service at a fair more than fair American price. Don’t worry we will be quick to tell you if you do not qualify for this service. Once we have checked out some critical area we should know the approximate time required to complete your request. The time starts ticking once we have control.

We suggest you have your primary issues stated in the your purchase notes or we will be asking for them soon as we begin. If you want more service a continuation rate of $1.00 per minute will accrue but only with your approval and will need to be collected in the end.