Right Click-A Fresh Start

Right Click-A Fresh Start


A fresh start.


Clean and test hard drive for proper addressing of sectors and clusters and functionality.
Install the operating systems i.e. Windows or OS the completely update before any other software. This assures a solid foundation for successful installations of your applications.
Install office, antivirus programs plus latest required 3rd party programs: Java, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, codec packs.
Configure browsers can be configured for enhanced security that prolongs good service.
Test ports, jacks, wireless/wired connections, sound, video, touch-pads etc.
Backup registry, establish baseline processes list and create a completed system restore point.
Our final quality control checks includes an evaluation of startup times, CPU status, memory management, verification’s of all running processes/services, overall functionality and a series restarts and a rewrite of the hard drive to optimize seek times.

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