Renewal for “Right Click Bitdefender customers only”


For our existing Bitdefender only.

Continue to receive our support for your antivirus and renew your subscription here.  If you should purchase this product and when we verify you DID NOT have a previous subscription we will  contact you for the difference. A 20%r refund fee will be assessed.  If this is a new subscription then don’t purchase this one, purchase the other.

For our existing Bitdefender customers only.

Bitdefender has been a great product for us and our customers.  Even though we get no compensation for its support, we gladly continue to offer it for a number of reasons. It has been functioning almost flawlessly for thousands of our customers.  Our customers are NOT getting infected like they did prior to Bitdefender.

Once you pay for your renewal we will do the rest.  If you want to call that is fine.

Please update your contact information and state in the notes which make and model  you are renewing.  Thank you,