Phone Support (When you cannot connect to the internet)


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Phone support is best suited for tech savvy clients.  We will accept support calls from anyone, experience has proven that for the tech challenged client it is more time consuming and frustrating.  We will stay on the line with you for the duration.  Sometimes we can determine the cost vs value going phone vs in person.  Otherwise you would be looking at the remote service instead of reading this. This service is only available between 10-7pm eastern standard time. (for now)

First 20 minutes

Please think about or put in writing your issues’ concerning our service to help you before we begin. At the fifteen minute mark we should either have the issue fixed for give a relatively good guess as to when it will be complete.  At any point you may end the call.

If you choose to go past the fifteen minutes a rate of .61 per minute will be assessed. and added to the per-authorize purchase.

Sometimes we might even pause for processes to complete so you not paying to wait.  We will put when in why in writing.

You are always welcome to call and book.

There is no tax on this service.